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Play Therapists in Coral SpringsWorking with children is often one of the most difficult, yet rewarding opportunities a person can have. Not only does it take a unique kind of person to be able to build a relationship with a child, but it takes a person with incredible skills and qualities in order to maintain that special connection. One of the most important skills play therapists should have is the ability to build a strong relationship built on trust and respect. In fact, play therapy often requires persistence, honesty, genuineness, compassion, and most importantly humility. By having the ability to recognize strengths and admit mistakes, it will only make the therapeutic relationship stronger. The more sincere and honest play therapists are, the more comfortable the child will feel and the more willing he or she will be to open up. Besides having a sincere respect for children, play therapists also need to have the ability to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. Not only does safety and encouragement promote growth, but it also gives children the opportunity to heal. Although building a connection with children isn’t always easy, having the ability to remain calm and stay composed when confronted with challenging or distressing behavior or information will only benefit the child as they continue to cope with difficult emotions. Most importantly, being able to have a sense of humor and not being afraid to get down and dirty are the things that make play therapy fun and ultimately will help alleviate the pain and distress children may be experiencing.

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Please give us a call if you require play therapy services for your child or children. Our play therapists who practice play therapy techniques can provide professional and compassionate care for them as well as your entire family.

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